God Starts Anew Again at the Cross

The Millennium is God Starting Anew
God start a new

With a deep sigh of Divine despair, so to speak, God says, “I will try one more time!” He sends His only begotten Son to Earth to die as a sin-sacrifice for all humanity (Isa. 53:6; Heb. 9:26). The only Divine requirement is human acceptance. God’s new plan is as simple as it is beautiful: There’s abundant life for a loving look at the Crucified One! (Jn. 1:12, 3:16; Acts 13:39. 16:31; Rom. 10:9; I Cor. 1:21 et al). But alas! Such marvelous grace, such heavenly love beyond all earthly comprehension, has been crassly and despitefully trampled into the dust by the preponderant majority of mankind. Only the few have ever chosen total renovation to total rot. Our Lord’s Church, by definition, is but a “called out assembly”; for good men go to heaven single file while sinful men plunge headlong toward hell a hundred abreast.

The process of persistent decay is, at this time in human history, beyond even the capacity of Omnipotent Divinity to correct. There is no other plan of human redemption on the Divine drawing board (Jn. 3:7; Acts 4:12). And the cross has manifestly not reached the world which Christ came to save (Jn. 3:17). As rust is to metal, as decay is to a garment, as deterioration is to a building, so is rot to the mind and spirit of unregenerated men. O, dear God, I would that it were different; I would that the world might be saved! But our Saviour wished that too and His saddest sentence ever spoken reflects it! (Jn. 5:40).

World Rot Will Have an End- Soon Now!

Government decay; societies decay; organizations of every form – including the religious – decay; the world decays! At home – and I speak it with sadness far too profound for tears – America is in a highly advanced state of decay. Once the Christian nation of the Earth, once the God-honouring and God-fearing people among all people s, once the unique experiment in human freedom among the nations of all history, America, at first slowly but now with frightening rapidity, is glaringly rotting away. Erosion is everywhere rife. The way of life which we have so proudly called “American” is dependent for its very existence on a moral base which is essentially gone already. We need not fall from without; we are falling apart from within! I Speak out of passionate love for what we have always been and for what we have always been and for what remains of that noble heritage. Yet I speak the truth, joltingly! Only national penitence and godliness can save us from collapse!

The world abroad is only worse, so much of it never having enjoyed our experiment in righteousness and human liberty in the first place. Problems are mountainous and mounting. The world is almost frantic already. Are there no answers? Can order and arrangement and “normalcy” be restored? Is the answer – horrible, ghastly, incredible answer! Armageddon ends it all! Right where it all started, namely, in the area immediately surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, that flammable area of Earth we now refer to as the Mid-East! Rapidly now the time is approaching of which Jesus spoke so insistently and warningly: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those (frightful) things which are coming on the Earth” (Lk. 21:26).

The Millennium is God Starting Anew

The Almighty God has to start all over! Yet, it might be stated by some that the forthcoming Millennium is an ending rather than a new beginning. It is an ending only in the sense that it does indeed end mortal man’s occupancy and control of the Earth. It is, stated differently, a thousand years of universal righteousness sandwiched between the stench and rot of the final AntiChrist kingdom and the eternal kingdom. Correctly speaking , then, it is God starting anew to demonstrate to the world of mankind His method of rule. It is indeed God’s Government on Earth! Yet, even in that Golden Age, rot in so many is only glossed over and hidden from view. They continue to rust-out inside and will be anxiously responsive to the very Devil at the close of that thousand –year period of enforced political and economic righteousness (Rev. 20:7-8). Submission to the world religion of King Jesus has been, for them, merely external. The persistent process of rot is still at work!

This Time God Succeeds!

Eternity itself, in a definite sense, is the Almighty God starting all over again. Man on Earth shall have had his day! The period of probation for men is then all over, even as it has long been all over for the angelic beings. And Eternity shall succeed! As strange as it might sound at first hearing, even the eternal hell is a success, for it confines within its bars of eternal imprisonment all evil forever! Surely, then, heaven and a redeemed Earth are a success, for only men and angels of eternal purity occupy either. They all, without a single exception, continue in a state of infinite perfection into that vast, illimitable expanse of existence which the human intellect cannot grasp but which we so feebly designate simply as Eternity! This time God succeeds!

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