Has God Himself Failed?

Rebellious, Blind Humanity!
Has God Himself Failed?

God creates myriads of Holy Angels; a third of them rebel into actual combat and are forcibly expelled from His heavenly presence forever. He creates a perfect Earth which He must Divinely curse, and did so. He creates a perfect man and woman who later deliberately sin, thus irreversibly blighting their billions of descendants. Men multiply and rot. When wickedness is so predominant and righteousness so rare that heaven can endure the moral stench no longer, the Almighty sweeps humanity off the Earth into watery graves and leaves only eight living souls with whom to start anew (Gen. 6-7). Rebellion and resistance to holiness soon dominate again and God begins anew with His Chosen people. Yet, even they, in spite of miracle piled high upon miracle, stoop to sin again and again, revival after revival. Every new chance He gives them, they soon despoil. Following every spiritual renewal, they are soon corrupted. When God can stand them no more, He scatters them across the face of the Earth as fugitives among the nations, essentially as persecuted slaves. That is, those who are left alive after permitted devastations by beastly men more decayed than they (Ezek. 5:5-17, 12:15, 20:23-24; Mt. 23:37-38). And millions more die through the weary centuries by ways and means which make one’s blood run cold. The whole wide world seems, so exasperatingly to loving Divinity, to defiantly shake its puny fist in His face. Why? It is the persistent process of rot! God can not fail irrespective of the circumstances and issues that befall Man.

Rebellious, Blind Humanity!

It is as strange as it is true that men pay the creator God so little attention.  Fallen human nature is fallen indeed! God anciently gave to His Chosen People, for example, a beautiful plan for avoiding the rot of society (Lev. 25:8-55). Each fiftieth year was to be a Year of Jubilee. It was a time of national restoration, of renewed brotherhood. The land itself enjoyed its second consecutive year of rest; the poorest of the people could harvest at will that which grew of itself. It was a time of renewal for society. Every debt must be cancelled; every bondman must be set free; all mortgages must be burned; the land must be restored to its original owners. The Almighty knew well that within each fifty years terrible inequities would develop; the fortunate would take unfair advantage of the unfortunate; the perceptive would make servants of the unperceptive. As we facetiously put it today, “the rich get richer and the poor have children.” That is the way life is when there is no point at which society starts over; it simply rots down. That way of life the Almighty does not like, and made provision against it.

Ah! But greedy men will not have it so; it is unfair to them, they think. Thus, even with the Chosen People the Year of Jubilee lasted only for a time and then vanished from sight. Did God change His mind? No, but His people were too rebellious and blind to see things His way. And life rotted down around them!

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