Decay in the Material World Is a Fact Self-Evident


Decay is among the most persistent processes in existence. It is so self-evident in the material world that scientists describe it by a special word, entrophy. Simply stated, this scientific premise says that all energy in the entire universe is slowly dissipating (into different forms of disarray, for presumably nothing in all creation “vanishes” in the sense of creation of existence). Remember that all material things in existence, from a giant skyscraper to a fluffy feather drifting in the breeze, is indeed unreleased energy. The famed Einstein postulated and proved that fact. The famous – or infamous – atomic equation further proves it undeniably. All material matter is indeed energy, and incredible energy at that.

The so-called half-life of radioactive materials, outstandingly prominent in twentieth-century knowledge and study, demonstrates vividly the process of decay. For the very energy radiated (from radium, for example) is by the process designated as atomic decay, with a corresponding loss of mass (that is, size and weight). Such decay is the disintegration of atoms of composition and the release or escape of their energy. That is radiation. By this same process the very sun, scientists say, will burn itself out, given sufficient time, even though that time would be measured in billions of years. The sun, incidentally, will not exist in Eternity for the wondrous luminosity of the New Jerusalem Celestial City is scripturally identified as the actual light of the redeemed Earth.

The major point I here emphasize, as understandably stated as possible, is that all material existence, ranging from the sun in the distant heavens to the body in which you live, is in actual fact in a process of persistent, irremediable, irreversible decay!

The Persistent Process of Decay

An individual rises to a new spiritual height, levels off, and begins a long, gradual descent; exceptions exist, to be sure, but the pattern is preponderant. A powerful spiritual thrust lifts millions into a new heavenly orbit which objective historians can best plot as a religious awakening; yet, it does not last more than a single generation. A new denomination or movement is born amid the fire and splendor and purity of revival; two generations later it is but a fading memory. A new church is built upon a glorious foundation, the inseparable love adhesion of burning hearts; a few years later, it is more a silently cold tomb than a spiritual furnace. Spiritual rot; the process is persistent!

The few relics of great civilizations of the past have essentially rusted away. Houses actually wear out, and few survive even a hundred years. Great buildings must in time be razed to the ground, no longer fit and safe for occupancy. Proud productions of the most modern civilizations are antiques or museum pieces in less than a single century. Entire massive cities which once existed as the capitals of mighty monarchs, are now buried deep beneath the drifting sands of accumulating centuries and millennia, out of sight of humanity, or lie crumbled in the dust as relics of the ancient past; all fallen giants sprawled disjointed and grotesque. Wind and storm and earthquake; drought and famine and disease; greed and war and devastation; fire and rebellion and migration – all the persistent process of rot, or components of it!


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