How is the Future Possibly known in Advance?


Bible Prophecy, especially relating to the End-Time, is written as though the prophets were shown more or less random previews of earth-shaking events rather than a complete panoramic view of the entire scene in chronological sequence. That very seeming disorder is God’s order. At least that is His Method! Again, it seems as though one prophet was given several pictures out of the End-Time series whereas a different prophet was given several others. Stated differently, it seems as though God recorded the whole future panorama on videotape and then cut the individual pictures apart and passed them out in shuffled disarray to various prophets as they moved across the world scene in their own time. Again, that seeming disorder is God’s order or method! The secret, then, to thorough understanding is this: Find all the prophetic pictures – for they are written – pictures describing graphic action and exacting details – and reconstruct the whole grand panorama of the End-Time precisely as it was before God cut the original “videotape” into its many individual pictures! The pictures are all vividly sharp and in full focus. It is not as much a matter of interpreting, then, as of searching!

Yet again, the grand panorama of the future is like the many pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle piled in disarray. The pieces are all there – every single one of them – in God’s Eternal Book. And each individual piece fits in one particular place only. With each piece of the masterful puzzle in proper place, the whole Divine Design is complete. The End-Time scene in its entirety is as sharp and clear as before it was ever divinely cut into its many pieces and scattered them throughout their writings. Again, then, the need is for microscopic searching rather than telescopic interpreting. God’s prophetic method!

The Divine Design of the Ages is Monumental

As each piece of the prophetic puzzle is put in its proper place, the reader will see clearly that the divine design of the Ages is monumental, though not in all its parts monumentally beautiful. Indeed, so very much of the future is frighteningly ugly instead of beautiful. Putrefaction and rot, by definition, are ugly and that is really what so much of the End-Time is all about. The coming great tribulation, for example, is the maximum rot-point of humanity crassly resisting Divinity and a demonstration of the inevitable consequences of that resistance. Since men have insisted on building the house of civilization without respect to the Divine Blueprint, the Times of the End demonstrate emphatically to all the world that “they labor in vain who build it” (Ps. 127:1). That is why everything on planet Earth is doomed to rot down and collapse; it is the inescapable demonstration of human history on man’s native planet! Such rot, I emphasize, is always ugly, especially moral rot. The utter and final removal of that world –rot is coming soon; that part of the End-Time is the beautiful part. When the Almighty creator can no longer endure the odious stench of unregenerate, resistant humanity, He will cleanse His Earth of every vestige of such sinful chaos. He will then introduce the New world order of king Jesus in His coming Millennial Kingdom. The end product is beautiful even though so much of the required process is ugly. Beauty out of ugliness! God’s marvelous method!

The end product of purity for the Millennium, or for Eternity, can be achieved only by the process of judgment. And judgment is ugly. Major surgery is, in a sense, ugly; but the radiant health proceeding from it is beautiful. There can be no beautiful Millennium without the ugliness of the preceding Great Tribulation; there can be no redeemed Earth occupied by redeemed men for Eternity without the terrifying, fiery redemptive process which precedes it. There can be no descent of the Celestial City of New Jerusalem, no fully redeemed and renovated Earth, no order and beauty and symmetry and righteousness in all of God’s incredible universe, except through the process of judgment upon sin both on Planet Earth and in Eternity. The Divine Design, then, in its entirety has to do with the elimination of all evil from the Earth and its confinement in eternal hell. That Divine Design for evil is a necessary prerequisite of the Divine Design that righteousness shall triumph forever. Ah, what God hath wrought!

(Source extracted from: From NOW till Eternity)

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