What about the End-Time Anyhow?


It simply would not be in keeping with the very nature of the Almighty God to push heaven’s destruct button one bright morning without first and insistently giving adequate warning to the world of humanity! That is why His Inerrant word deals emphatically and repetitiously with the end of the present age; that is, the so-called “end of the world.” There is no language at the command of either Divinity or humanity to convey the monumental importance of this subject. You see, we are talking in terms of glorious heaven or fiery hell for all Eternity. Also, we are talking about staggeringly important events on man’s native Planet Earth. And we are talking about this generation!

The Bible Focuses Intense Attention on the Frightful Times of the End


I sacredly underscore the fact that God’s Holy book places both repeated and urgent emphasis on the subject of the End-Time. Time and again God uses language which is much like a red emergency warning flag waving glaringly and insistently in the very face of all humanity. Holy Scripture –and emphatically the Prophetic word was not written by the Holy Spirit through holy men (II Peter 1:21) as some kind of religious game; God’s Book is deadly serious and it speaks with utter finality. Bible language such as “in the last days”; “in the latter times”; or “the Time of the End” is divinely calculated to command our instant attention. Whether most men are aware of it or not, the infallible word contains much that is obviously prophetic of the End-Time.  Further, the prophetic word was divinely designed that the final End-Time generation might easily know that reality! What else can even Omnipotent, Omniscient Divinity do to convince men or to get their attention for time and eternity? He is not going to send a special delivery letter by the angel Gabriel to your front door. He is not going to stand in the sun and boom a Divine message around the globe that you have only thirteen more days left on Earth in which to “prepare to meet thy God” (Amos 4:12). His Eternal Book infallibly communicated to humanity contains warning fully as adequate as it is final. Acceptance or rejection is your business. The Mighty God has certainly done His part; have you done your part?

Oh, I’ve Heard All That a Thousand Times!

That is indeed the heartrending impatient attitude of so many today. They somehow believe that the end of the age – if indeed it is destined to come at all – will surely be at least a million and fourteen years in the future. What spiritual insanity of which Peter wrote in the very chapter in which he deals so clearly and forcefully with the Time of the End: the bible talked about scoffers who will work in their own lusts and question the validity of the promise (II Peter 3:3-4). The whole premise is nothing short of moral insanity, for it argues that simply because Christ has not yet come, He is not coming – at least not now. That identical logic would argue that since a 100 – year- old man has not yet died, he is not going to die anytime soon, in spite of his feeble frame and tottering steps. The end of the age is upon us! Of those who flippantly reject it I can but tearfully borrow the language of the famed Shakespeare who wrote in utter exasperation: “Oh, what fools these mortals be!”

And, if you wish to get something of a glimpse of Divine exasperation, read Isaiah 5:1-7. Or again, the parable of Luke 20:9-18, in which the father God is depicted as saying to Himself with desperate finality: (v. 13). But alas! Though God wants to save the whole wide world (Jn. 3:16-17), resistant men will not have it so. And though He so insistently warns the world of the approaching “end of all things” (I peter 4:7), men seem to stick their fingers in their ears and race blindly toward the precipice, stubbornly intent on their own eternal doom. Oh, the Divine sorrow! If my own heart bleeds in frustrated compassion for a crassly indifferent world, how much more must His compassionate heart bleed!

What’s wrong with this crazy world?

It does not take a philosopher to know that something is indeed increasingly and desperately wrong with this old world. What’s wrong is Sin! It’s just that simple; yet that profound. Nor am I speaking of the sin of slipping a cookie on the sly or swiping an apple from farmer Brown’s favorite tree. It is the sin of humanity rejecting divinity; the sin of trying in vain to manage a world without divine direction. Only God knows how the world should be operated; but men don’t care for all that religious stuff, especially the world rulers. So, men will have their day. The awful Great Tribulation period soon coming is nothing more or less than sinful management of the world at its worst. And things are getting ever worse, moving inexorably in the direction of the end of the age. The millennial kingdom of King Jesus, now not far distant, is to be a Divine demonstration to all the world of what was originally intended. When the world is in a state of utter collapse, the foundations of its institutions rotted out by the malignant management of men without God, then the Lord takes over and seems to say: “Now let me show you what I had in mind for the world from the beginning!” In the meantime, what’s wrong with this “crazy.” No wonder someone expressed this despair in a song, “stop the world and let me off, I’m tired of going round and round.” Even the Lord God must be getting sick and tired of the whole conglomerate mess!

(Source extracted from: From NOW till Eternity)

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