Can a Christian get married to a Non-Christian if they both love themselves?


The above subject matter might look quite very simple to provide an answer to. You might either say “YES” or “NO” from your own perspective or otherwise. Hold on a bit just before you draw your conclusion. Well, just before we share our view point, here are some of the answers from our survey:

Case One:
From my own view, I say NO, why? Because light has nothing to do with darkness. Love is not enough, if the person has not changed, don’t marry him or her, two cannot work together except they agree (Amos 3:3). Also 2Corinthians 6 verse 14 – 18 explains it very well! (Ofulue Isioma Zion)

Case two:
The answer remains No. A believer should not get married to a non-believer under no circumstances because light and darkness have no INTIMATE business together. (~Joshua)

Case three:
How did Christian manage to love non-Christian that part of the logic is strange… Maybe love happen one day… I forget love at first sight. Smile! Truth is this… Those people are in mutual lust not love.  The answer is NO by religious practice….  Bible teachers advise us not to…. (Just advise not law or sin). God didn’t put any restriction for marrying non-Christian… But (warn that they will turn your heart from him). In summary, No if because of love. Because any marriage that is form because of love is a potential (false/failed) marriage either Christian or non-Christian marriages. Love can only be found inside marriage not outside it. (~Goodluck)

Case four:
While it isn’t wrong to admire someone for whom or what they are on one hand, it’s completely out of place to contemplate marriage with a person that isn’t a Christian on the other hand. One of the most basic criteria for us to consider as Christians before proposing or accepting someone’s proposal is to honestly and sincerely determine whether or not the person in question is born-again & living for Christ in deeds and words. Not doing that amounts to digging one’s grave while still living. The foundation of that union is inherently faulty, and will definitely hit the rocks. What can you as a righteous Christian man or woman do to salvage that? Nothing! Mind you, divorce for us is nonnegotiable. One would have to start living in hell while on earth!

Whether the person is good, nice, caring romantic etc., if he isn’t born-again and living for God, don’t marry him. And vice versa. (~Dr. Righteous Idede)

Case five:
one will have to succumb to the other first in order for that love to last else it will be an annoyance and hate later and it will be worse than two communities war if the believer succumbed to the unbeliever. (~Favour Onoruese)

From the survey, all said “NO”. Is all of that true? Probably. Anyway; Here us out! Let get started from this;

Can true love exist between a Christian and Non-Christian brother and sister (Vice versa)

The simple answer is “YES,” true love can exist between a Christian and Non-Christian that has no element of infatuation nor lust.

What is Truelove and Love?
Truelove; A person loved by another person.
Love; A strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Also, someone who is loved (used as term of endearment [the act of showing affection]).
Simply put, love is an action of showing affection (a positive feeling of liking). Nevertheless, don’t be carried away by that fact!

Look at what 1Corinthians 7:12 – 14 said about the union of believer and unbeliever;

The above scripture suggested to us that love can exist between a Christian and non-Christian. Probably, one was a Christian before they got married or one eventually became a Christian in their union. Whichever case, there is affection and a bond of love in existence between the both of them. For them to stick together (…still wants to live with you), love must be in place.

Paul termed the union mixed marriage. Is this a strong reason for those not married yet who is in love to carry on? Don’t be in haste, we have an answer to that, follow it gradually. Hmm, smile!

Love is not enough to tie the knot!

While love can exist between a Christian and non-Christian singles, love is not enough to tie the knot of marriage. 2Corinthians 6:14 – 18; admonishes us not to become one with those that failed to accept God, it point it out that it is totally wrong for us to make partnership with such. He asked a question if light is best friend with darkness? In conclusion of that scripture, he point out what God said; “Don’t link up with those who will pollute you… The word of the master, God. MSG.

Many arguments have been birthed from the above scripture that the context of its existence was not referring to marriage. Well! That might be correct but whatsoever context, partnership in any form is partnership.
From the genesis of marriage, God’s design plan for marriage was partnership (it is not good for a man to be alone).
While the romantic involvement of a believer and unbeliever can happen, it can be avoided in so many ways. The choice is yours!
God’s word still stands and leaves use with the choice to take our decision but gave us a suggestion of the best choice to take.

While you may say it doesn’t matter to marry a non-Christian provided there is love among them, please count the cost and be ready to bear the pain. The love of the present is not a guarantee for the survival of that marriage. The marriages on the winning edge are the ones found on Christ the solid rock. It is not advisable to take the Choice because divorce is not an option for a Christian but a non-Christian can take up the decision and give it a consideration thereby putting the other in everlasting bondage or cause him/her to commit adultery.

Why would you want to marry a non-Christian?

Every action is preceded by a decision. What’s your reason for getting romantically involved with a non-Christian? What’s your expectation? What exactly do you really want?

Marriage is a life time journey of no return, termed “till death do us part”. It is as serious as life itself. Before you embark on any journey, adequate information and the knowhow is require of you. You must be aware of the future happenings and draw your line of action to avoid everlasting mistake. Love fades when the expectation is not met. Don’t be blinded by the web of shadow love. Love does not exist without God (God is love). What makes love genuine is Christ himself. Love is a spiritual matter and needs spiritual attention to be produce. It is a fruit of the spirit. Many actually call care love. Care is not love but an element of love (Part of love).

If you must allow the zeal and pressure of getting marry to push you to taking such a decision of whoever comes my way let me marry, all my mate are marry! You must be aware and ready for the future quandary.

The complication and heartache of getting married to an unbeliever is not worthy of comparison with the love that may appear to be existing now. Many are now regretting their action because they couldn’t meet up with what God intended for them. The person you marry has a larger percentage to the fulfillment of your destiny.

How will you feel when your husband said to you, “From today henceforth, there is no more going to church in this house. No more prayer and reading of bible. I have spoken and my words are final”?

That will be the beginning of your love death sentence, be wise!


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